Join the #500FridayChallenge and stand a chance to DOUBLE Your Savings

By FriMi November-18th-2020

What is this challenge?

We are challenging you to save Rs. 500 on Two Consecutive Fridays. 

Sounds hard? Don’t worry, it’s worth it. We will DOUBLE your savings (yes! you read that right) for 25 lucky winners at the end of the challenge period.

*The challenge period is from 20th November to 04th December 2020

So how do I join? 

Step 1. If you don’t have an existing Savings Pot, create a new one.

Step 2. Add Rs. 500 to that Pot on a Friday

Step 3. TGIF and Repeat Step 2 one more time

That’s all you have to do. Save Rs. 500 on 2 Consecutive Fridays.

Want to know how to create a Savings Pot?

We are here to help. Just click here.

- The challenge is over now -

Congratulations to the Winners!

Nilaharan Robinson
Rassan Batcha
Dushmantha Gibson
Dishan Siriwardana
Oshadi Sooriyarachchi
Janaka Priyadarshana
Hewage Rajeewa
Hashini Tharuka
Yakge Medis
Rangika Kaushal 
Mohamed Afridi
Shanon Perera
Mohamed Farzath
Udara Dilshan
Shanaz Jizmi
Dunstan Harold
Mohomed Mafaza
Sathyajith Wanniarachchi
Sathma Jayasinghe
Sandani Kumanayake 
Madura  Wijeratne
Sahan Gunasekara
Janane Jeganathan
Tashan Kuruppu
Virangi Samaratunga

Terms & conditions
1. This promotion is organized by FriMi & open for all FriMi customers.
2. The challenge period is from 20th November to 04th December 2020 (both days included).
3. A customer has to add FIVE HUNDRED RUPEES to ONE SAVINGS POT on TWO CONSECUTIVE FRIDAYS within the challenge period to be eligible for the prize.
4. No withdrawals should be done within the challenge period from that particular Savings Pot.
5. All eligible customers (based on above criteria) will be filtered at the end of the promo date & will be added to the final draw for winner selection.
6. 25 (twenty-five) lucky winners will be selected randomly. The lucky winners will be rewarded with Rs. 1,000.
7. If 03 pots have already been created you can always rename one called 500 Challenge and continue (changing the pot name is not mandatory as long as you save Rs. 500 on two consecutive Fridays to only one savings pot during the challenge period.