Frequently Asked Questions


What is FriMi?

It’s a 3 in 1 app that provides you with a real-time Digital Banking experience, Mobile Wallet & Payment System - it’s quick, chic, easy and totally hassle- free!

What sort of an application is this?

It’s a fast, easy and financially liberating lifestyle app that brings the cool back home. With FriMi you can enjoying fantastic offers & deals while you earn, save, lend, borrow or shop & pay for anything - anywhere – anytime

Is FriMi a Secure platform?

Yes. FriMi is powered by Nations Trust Bank and so your privacy is absolutely not for sale! Our security measures are reinforced with a Biometric Security system which can protect your account from any cyber or mobile breach

Is a bank involved with FriMi?

Yes. FriMi is powered by Nations Trust Bank

Are there any fees?

Yes, here’s a detailed view of what you’re in for exactly;



App Signup fee


Annual Service fee


Top up from other bank via Just Pay service


Send Money via Mobile number


Cash Tokens


Cash Request


Fund Transfers to other bank accounts

Rs 35/-

Other bank credit card bill payments

Rs 35/-

Physical Debit Card – Joining Fee


Physical Debit Card – Annual Fee


Physical Debit Card Replacement fee (within the validity period)

Rs 500/-

Virtual Debit Card – Joining Fee


Virtual Debit Card – Annual Fee


Withdrawal from Nations Trust Bank ATMs – Debit Card


Withdrawals from Nations Trust Bank ATMs– Card-less


Withdrawals from Other bank ATMs (Lanka Pay)

First 2 transactions per month will be free. Thereafter Rs 30/-

Balance inquiry from Other bank ATMs (Lanka Pay)

Rs 7.50/-

Bill Payments


Payments at merchants via Debit Card, App, or mobile number


Note – Other standard banking charges may apply

What is the difference between FriMi and other financial applications?

The moment you download the app and register with FriMi you’ve also opened your own Secure, Real-time savings account. Not only is this paper-work free, but it’s also just a click away giving you immediate access to your cash whenever-wherever and complete financial independence 24/7! FriMi is not your average mobile banking app, it’s much more than a standard wallet, and here’s the best part, it’s not restricted to just one bank! Unlike any other financial app, FriMi can manage everything for you - from the convenience of online banking, shopping, and doing transactions to keeping you posted on customized offers from your favourite brands.

Can I use FriMi for my business?

Absolutely! We have a separate app to support your business. Drop a buzz & we’ll tell you how

Do I have to have an account at NTB to use FriMi?

Nope, your FriMi registration is all it takes!
Once you complete the process, drop a buzz on our hotline to help us validate your information, and you’re absolutely good to go! Just in case you forget to call us in, we will try our best to get through to you within 24 hours, because if not the account gets deactivated automatically.

When, Where and with Whom can I use my FriMi?

FriMi is always with you and it’s willing to do any transaction. Whether it be while shopping, dining with friends, gifting on special occasions or sending money to a loved one, you can FriMi the funds from anywhere to anyone for anything at anytime.

What are the Transaction Limits?

Once you are a fully verified customer LKR 1,000,000 per day with a limit of LKR 500,000 per transaction and no, this does not involve any hidden charges.

What happens if I reset my phone?

You can download the FriMi app from the app store and login again.

How fast is FriMi?

Fast enough that you can do anything in just a matter of seconds - but hey, your speed mainly depends on the strength of your data connection!

What kind of devices can I use with FriMi?

Any smart phone or tablet device with android or IOS. (Android Lollipop 5.0 and above / iOS 9 and above)

How do I add money to my FriMi account?

It’s simple!

  • Transfer it from one of your own accounts at Nations Trust Bank
  • Link your other bank accounts to your FriMi account
  • Link your salary to your FriMi account
  • Via a Nations Trust bank Cash deposit machine
  • Via any branch of Nations Trust Bank

How do I add money to my FriMi by linking other bank accounts?

Tap on the top-up button and click on the amount you want from the selected value brackets of 2,500 / 7,500 / 15,000 / 25,000 and hit the confirm button.

What do the FriMi Interest Rates look like?

We’ve got a solid lineup for all your savings above Rs. 10,000. Here’s what they look like;

Saving amount

Interest P.A

0 - 9,999


10,000 - 99,999


100,000 - 499,999


500,000 - 1,000,000


1,000,000 +


What do the Fixed Deposit Interest Rates look like?

You can find our current updated list of FD rates on the Nations Trust Bank page. Follow this link to check it out.

What are Savings Pots?

Savings Pots help you to identify your financial priorities for the month and helps you be prepared so that you wouldn’t easily be caught off-guard. FriMi offers you 03 separate savings pots to plan ahead.

Can I amend the maturity instruction after placing the FD?

Yes you can. Simply contact our call center and our support team will assist you with it.

What is the rate deduction for premature withdrawal?

Rate will depend on the revised period and will be known only at the time of withdrawal.

Can I visit a branch and uplift the FD?

Yes you can.

Can I close my savings pot?

Yes you can by contacting the call center. Your money will be credited back to your FriMi account.

Can I transact (merchant payments, CEFTs, etc.) through the savings pot?

No. You can only withdraw money into the FriMi account.

How much space does the app consume?

Less than 80mb.

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