Frequently Asked Questions


What is FriMi?

It’s a 3 in 1 app that provides you with a real-time Digital Banking account, Mobile Wallet & Payment System - it’s quick, easy & totally effortless!

What sort of an application is this?

It’s a fast, easy & financially liberating lifestyle app that will make your life effortless. With FriMi you can manage all your money from one place by earning, saving, transferring, shopping & paying for anything - anywhere – anytime.

Is FriMi a Secure platform?

Yes. FriMi is powered by Nations Trust Bank (NTB), hence your money & privacy are absolutely in safe hands! Also, our app security measures are reinforced with a Biometric Security system which can protect your account from any cyber or mobile breach.

Is a bank involved with FriMi?

Yes. FriMi is by Nations Trust Bank PLC.

In what languages can I use the app?

FriMi is Trilingual – allowing FriMians to choose Sinhala, Tamil or English according to their preference.

How can I log into the FriMi app?

You can effortlessly log in using the Username & Password, PIN or biometrics.

Where can I find my FriMi ID, account details, & branch name?

You can find your FriMi ID in the Profile section of the app, easily accessible by tapping the Profile icon on the top left of the Home screen.

You can visit the ‘Portfolio’ section in-app to find your FriMi Account details including your FriMi account number, branch name & other account related details. The Portfolio section will also have your other accounts & card details in one view.

You can also tap on “Add money” > “Transfer money from another bank” to view FriMi account details & branch name.

Are there any fees?

Yes, here’s a detailed view of what you’re in for exactly;

Service Charges
App Signup fee FOC
Annual Service fee FOC
Top up from other bank via Just Pay service FOC
Send Money via Mobile number FOC
Cash Tokens FOC
Cash Request FOC
Fund Transfers to other bank accounts Rs 30/-
Other bank credit card bill payments Rs 30/-
Physical Debit Card – Joining Fee FOC
Physical Debit Card – Annual Fee Rs 600/-
Physical Debit Card Replacement fee (within the validity period) Rs 600/-
Virtual Debit Card – Joining Fee FOC
Virtual Debit Card – Annual Fee FOC
Withdrawal from Nations Trust Bank ATMs – Debit Card FOC
Withdrawals from Nations Trust Bank ATMs– Card-less FOC
Withdrawals from Other bank ATMs (Lanka Pay) Rs 30/-
Balance inquiry from Other bank ATMs (Lanka Pay) Rs 7.50/-
Bill Payments FOC
Payments at merchants via Debit Card, App, or mobile number FOC
Utility bill payments (Waterboard, CEB & LECO) Rs 20/-
My QR payment acceptance fees from FriMi or NTB app FOC
My QR payment acceptance fees from any other LANKAQR-enabled app 0.5%
My QR payment acceptance fees from China Union Pay (CUP) app or UPI enabled app 1.8%

Note – Other standard banking charges may apply

What is the difference between FriMi and other financial applications?

The moment you download the app & register with FriMi you’ve also opened your own Secure, Real-time NTB savings account. Not only is this paper-work free, but it’s also just a click away giving you immediate access to your cash whenever-wherever & complete financial independence 24/7! FriMi is not your average mobile banking app, it’s much more than a standard wallet, & here’s the best part, it’s not restricted to just one Bank since you can effortlessly add your other Bank accounts via JustPay! Unlike any other financial app, FriMi can manage everything for you - from the convenience of online banking, saving, shopping, moving money, card-less withdrawals, & effortless transactions.

Can I use FriMi for my business?

Absolutely! We have a separate app to support your business. Drop a buzz on 0114374473 & we’ll tell you how.

Do I have to have an account at NTB to use FriMi?

Nope, you don't need an NTB account to use FriMi! Just register with FriMi, & you're good to go. After verification, you’ll automatically have an NTB account. If you already have one, it'll be verified & activated right away. If not, no worries! You can get verified through a quick video call link sent via SMS, or visit any NTB branch or meet our friendly staff. Once your FriMi account is verified, you're all set to start using it!

When, Where & with Whom can I use my FriMi?

FriMi is always with you and ready to handle any transaction, whether it's shopping, settling bills, dining with friends, splitting the bill, gifting on special occasions, or sending money to a loved one. You can use FriMi to transfer funds from anywhere to anyone for anything, anytime.

Can I schedule payments on FriMi?

Yup, you can schedule card payments & bill payments for utilities, mobile, broadband, insurance, and more. Pick one-time or recurring schedules, whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

What are the identification documents can use to get onboard FriMi & can I use a driving license for it?

We accept the NIC & Passport for FriMi onboarding. Currently, the Driving License can’t be used to get onboard.

What are the Transaction Limits?

Once you are a fully verified FriMian, you can visit 'Transaction Settings' section in-app to view & customize transaction limits for each type, tailoring them to your needs within the specified maximums. Yes, it’s that effortless!

What happens if I reset my phone?

You can download the FriMi app from the app store & log in. If you've forgotten your FriMi username, PIN, or password, simply follow the "Forgot username," "Forgot PIN," or "Forgot password" option. If you've forgotten your FriMi ID, just choose the "Need to know your FriMi ID?" option.

How fast is FriMi?

Fast enough that you can do anything in just a matter of seconds - but hey, your speed mainly depends on the strength of your data connection!

What kind of devices can I use with FriMi?

Any smart phone or tablet device with Android, iOS or HarmonyOS. (Android Marshmallow 6.0 & above / iOS 13 & above)

What's the number to contact for questions about activating my account?

Just give a buzz to 0114374377 for updates on any FriMi account activation inquiries.

How do I add money to my FriMi account?

It’s simply effortless! Here are some options:

  • Add from one of your own accounts at Nations Trust Bank - You can add through the ‘Add Money’ option or as an ‘My own NTB account’ Fund Transfer’
  • Link your other bank accounts to your FriMi account via JustPay and add money – See more
  • Via a Nations Trust bank Cash deposit machine
  • Via any branch of Nations Trust Bank
  • Via online banking from your other Bank
  • Move the salary to your FriMi account - most FriMians prefer this option

What are the personalization options available in FriMi?

  • Trilingual – Choose either Sinhala, Tamil or English
  • Add, remove & rearrange home screen widgets
  • Dark mode & light mode
  • Change preferred name
  • Pin frequently used features to the top of the menu screen
  • Pin frequently used favourites to the top in the payment section
  • Adjustable font size
  • Show/ hide balances
  • Transaction limit customization

What do the FriMi Interest Rates look like?

We’ve got a solid lineup for all your savings above Rs. 10,000. Here’s what they look like;

Saving Amount Interest P.A
0 - 9,999 N/A
10,000 + 2.00%

Saving amount on Savings Pots, Round up Accounts & Bucket List Interest P.A
0 - 9,999 N/A
10,000 - 99,999 2.50%
100,000 - 499,999 3.00%
500,000 - 999,999 3.25%
1,000,000 + 3.75%

What do the Fixed Deposit Interest Rates look like?

You can find our updated list of FD rates on the Nations Trust Bank page. Follow this link to check it out - Click here

Can I amend the maturity instruction after placing the FD?

Yes, you can. Simply drop a buzz on our hotline and our support team will assist you with it or you can even tap the Message icon on the top right of the home screen in-app to live chat with for real-time assistance.

What is the rate deduction for premature withdrawal?

The rate will depend on the revised period and will be known only at the time of withdrawal.

Can I visit a branch and uplift the Fixed Deposit?

No need. You can even uplift the FD through the app

What are Savings Pots?

Savings Pots help you to identify your financial priorities for the month and help you be prepared so that you won’t easily be caught off-guard. FriMi offers you 05 separate savings pots to plan ahead. They're like separate mini savings accounts in the app allowing you to effortlessly withdraw, add more funds, rename, or close whenever you want. You can even add money to your savings pot from your other Bank accounts linked to FriMi.

Is there a minimum deposit value when opening savings pots?

Yes, you need to deposit a minimum of LKR 500 when opening a Savings Pot.

Do I get interest for my money on Savings Pots?

Yes, there is a special interest rate on your money. Check out the table above and see the available interest rates. Check out this video to find out how to create your own savings pot - See how

Can I close my savings pot?

Yes, you can effortlessly choose the ‘Close’ option and close the savings pot. Your money will be credited back to your FriMi account.

Can I transact with merchants, bill payments, CEFTs, etc. through the savings pot?

No. You can only withdraw money into the FriMi account and then make your transactions.

What is Round Up Savings?

Round-up saving lets your spare change grow every time you spend via FriMi app or your FriMi debit card. Each transaction is rounded up, and the saved amounts are automatically transferred to your Round Up Savings account.

What are the round-up options available?

You can select to round up your spare change to the nearest LKR 50, 100, or 500.

Can I have multiple Round-up savings accounts?

No, you can only have one Round up saving account at a given time. However, you can change the round-up amounts whenever you want.

What is Bucket List savings?

You now can save effortlessly towards a specific long-term goal monthly with a bucket list account. This is the ideal solution if you want to save up for a phone, laptop, home upgrade, wedding, vacation, or any other future payment or plan you may have.

How do I get started with Bucket List?

Simply enter the target amount you need to save up, the target date to finish saving, the monthly installment date, and the initial deposit of LKR 500.

Do I have to add money manually to the Bucket List?

No. Once you complete the above steps, the app calculates the amount you need to add to the Bucket List on a monthly basis. It automatically transfers the amount from your FriMi account or other bank account linked by JustPay on the specific installment date. You don’t have to do a thing.

Do I get an interest for the money saved in the Bucket List account?

Yes. Standard savings account interest will be calculated daily for the amount you have in your Bucket List account and credited monthly. Check out the table above and see the available interest rates.

Is there a minimum target amount?

Yes. The minimum target amount is LKR 10,000 to open a Bucket List account.

Are there any conditions for the initial deposit?

A minimum of LKR 500 should be added as the initial deposit and it should be below 50% of the target amount.

Can I open multiple Bucket List accounts?

Yes, you can open multiple Bucket List accounts.

What happens to the Bucket List account once the goal is completed?

At the maturity of the Bucket List account, the account will be closed automatically, and funds will be transferred to the FriMi account

What happens if I don’t have enough funds in the source account on the installment day for the bucket list?

If there are insufficient funds in the source account for the installment amount on the installment date, the installment amount will be recovered once sufficient funds are credited to the source account.

What is the PFM feature?

The Personal Finance Management (PFM) feature is a unique in-built budgeting tool where you can set up a spending budget and effortlessly track spending habits across FriMi and linked accounts. Categorize transactions—such as groceries, transport, or food—for better budgeting and goal-reaching. Go to the menu section & select ‘PFM’ to get started!

What is FriMi send money?

It’s a unique feature offered by FriMi where you can send money to any other FriMian by using just their mobile number & the best part is that money is sent instantly to the recipient.

If you send money to a non FriMi user, the money will still go to the recipient as a FriMi Cash Token as an SMS.

What happens if I send money to a wrong number?

If the wrong number is not on FriMi it will be converted to a FriMi token & sent via SMS to the recipient. If by chance, the wrong number happens to be a FriMi account, the money will be instantly transferred to that account. Just a friendly reminder to double-check the number you're sending money to.

What is FriMi Cash Tokens?

It’s a unique feature offered by FriMi where you can send money to any one in Sri Lanka who has a mobile number. You can send up to LKR 25,000 per transaction.

How can the recipient withdraw a cash token?

A token recipient can visit any Nations Trust ATM island wide & withdraw the money.

Is there an expiry date for cash tokens?

Yes, if the recipient does not withdraw token in 7 days, it will be expired & the sender will get back the money.

What if I send a cash token to a wrong number?

If the wrong number is on FriMi it will convert as ‘Send Money’ & will be sent instantly to their FriMi account. If the wrong number is not on FriMi or is invalid the money will come back in 7 days. Just a friendly reminder to double-check the number you're sending cash tokens to.

What does the Bill Split feature do?

After making a purchase, you can instantly split the bill with your FriMi friends, whether it's an equal or unequal split. The bill split feature helps you keep tabs on all your splits & manage shared expenses effortlessly.

Can I request a FriMi Debit card?

Yes, you can request for a FriMi physical or virtual Mastercard debit card. All you have to do is send a request via your FriMi app. Here’s how - login to FriMi App > go to the menu (Bottom center of the screen) > click on ‘Manage Card’ > select ’Request Card’ > Complete debit card request.

Alternatively, you can tap on the “Portfolio” section & request a FriMi debit card.

What can the FriMi Virtual Debit Card be used for?

The Virtual Debit Card can be used for online transactions such as e-commerce purchases, online subscriptions, ride hailing apps & many more.

Is there a PIN code for the FriMi virtual debit card?

Yes, and it can be changed in the portfolio section

Can I add my NTB AMEX card to FriMi?

If you have an NTB Amex card, it will be automatically added to the app.

Can I use my AMEX card to do payments using FriMi app?

Yes, you can select your AMEX card when doing payments via FriMi app under ‘billers’ category.

Is there an additional charge when paying via an AMEX card?

No, there is no additional charge for doing biller payments using AMEX card via your FriMi app.

Is the NFC payment option compatible for all device types?

NFC payments are only compatible with Android & Huawei devices.

Can I directly transfer funds & pay credit card bills from my other bank accounts linked to the FriMi app?

Nope, can't do that.

How can I request a service without calling the hotline?

You can effortlessly submit requests such as balance confirmations, address change, mobile number changes, etc. in-app through the service request section.

How much space does the app consume?

For iOS devices, it’s approximately 118.8 mb & for Android devices, it’s approximately 44 mb.

Can FriMi be used on a rooted or jailbroken device or when the device is in developer mode?

No, due to security requirements, the app will not be compatible on such devices.