At FriMi, we believe there is a better way to banking, one that is more humane, valuable and less invasive for customers. We're obsessively passionate about it, and continuously strive to achieve it through informed data sources.

FriMi started in 2016 as an innovative digital initiative of the corporate management team of the Nations Trust Bank. Let's save that story for another day. However, today FriMi runs as a fully-fledged digital banking experience powered by Nations Trust Bank.

With a dedicated diverse team working in full-swing, FriMi pushed it's way through and achieved it's first milestone of one billion in transaction value in December 2018. FriMi's path ahead is more like the "road less travelled", but we proudly believe that taking ideas to execution is our strength. We take our vision to war and win it. At FriMi, the hustle never stops.


Best Digital Banking Solution

Infotel 2018 Awards

Best Community Empowerment Program Category

SLT Zero One awards for Digital Exellence 2017-18

Bank of the year for excellence in Customer Convenience

Lanka Pay Technovation 2018

Winner for Best New Fin-Tech Bank Sri Lanka 2019

Global Banking & Finance Awards


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