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with FriMi partnered merchants

Experience Incredible Reach

Accept payments from over 100,000 FriMi users island-wide

Ways to integrate FriMi payments

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FriMi Merchant App

Get the FriMi Merchant app on your own device or the FriMi provide Android POS terminal

QR-Codes Scan customer's QR Code or vice-versa. You can also send payment requests to the customer's mobile number or wallet ID

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API Direct Integration

We will enable FriMi Payment Acceptance API for direct integration

Idea for any POS/ECR system, eCommerce websites, mobiles apps or any other digital channel

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Deviceless Payment Acceptance

Deviceless payment acceptance with QR + SMS pay facility

Customer scans merchant QR and pays. Merchant gets a confirmation of transaction via SMS

Debit Card

Debit card

Accept payments

You can accept payments instantly by either requesting money from the customer or by entering their phone number or FriMi ID. You can let your customer scan your QR code and pay

Accept Payment
Track Payment

Track your sales

You can track your transaction history & income with daily merchant e-statements and summary.

SMS alerts on payment success

Access to our web based FriMi Merchant Portal

Seamless integration via the FriMi POS partners