Here’s something for the creative muse in you

By FriMi September-7th-2020

Say hello to the very new and very cool FriMi Savings Pots that will make your attempts at saving much more effective and not to mention fun and rewarding!

 Here’s how it happens,

  • Think of something you really wanted to save up for a long time!
  • Come up with the most creative name to give the savings pot
  • Let us know what you came up with on the comments section on our social media.

That’s it!

Now you stand a chance to win an exclusive FriMi branded Bluetooth speaker! Sounds fun, yeah? Trust us, it’ll be so much more fun when you win that Bluetooth speaker – so get saving & in this case, get saving while giving us all some names to remember!

Here are the T&C, 

1) The competition is on for Savings Pots opened during 7th to 13th September 2020.

2) The value of the Savings Pot should be a minimum of Rs. 500 to be eligible for the competition.

3) The minimum value should be maintained until the end of the competition period.

4) One lucky winner will be announced on the 16th September 2020.