Your key to better finance management is here!

By FriMi August-17th-2020
Well, hello adventurous soul! Here’s your 101 to unlock whatever that awaits you at the brim of your savings pot!

FriMi allows you to maintain five saving pots at a time. These will be in addition to your regular FriMi savings account – so you may have a maximum of six savings accounts once you’re done. Now you may like to have multiple pots, but our experience is that five makes the pot more accessible and realistic.

That being said, the name of your pot and the amount that you wish to collect/deposit each month is totally up to you. If you change the course of action you can change the name as you wish and take it from there; or, if you wish to abort mission you can also delete the pot and all the money that’s in it will automatically be deposited to your FriMi account.

Now to help you make the best out of having a savings pot, we will not allow you to perform any transaction except for transferring money to and from your own FriMi account. Also, you will not be given any physical or virtual card for any of the saving pots – just to make sure that you stick with the plan. Each of your pots are subjected to standard FriMi interest rates, tax rates and charges, and similar to any other savings account, all interest that you earn will be credited to your savings pot at the end of each month.

Here's how you can create your own Savings Pot.