Thrifty Tips to Manage your Salary

By FriMi October-25th-2022

FriMi Salary Saver

Managing your finances efficiently is not just about making sure to make ends meet. The most difficult part is working out a way to save a fraction of your salary while paying off debts, managing basic living costs and leaving some money for your financial targets. So this Thrift Month, get the best out of FriMi to effortlessly manage your salary, with the FriMi Salary Saver!

Benefits of the FriMi Salary Saver

  • Preferential benefits and tiered interest rates based on the remitted salary amount
  • Debit card – FriMi Debit Card with 1st-year fee waiver and no joining fees
  • Credit Card - American Express Gold Credit Card and Platinum MasterCard Credit Card with no joining fee and 1st-year annual fee waived 

How to apply

  1. Go to the 'Live Chat' option in-app or on the website
  2. Send a message as "FriMi Salary Saver"
  3. Email your Salary Slip/Salary confirmation to with your FriMi ID

Check out the FriMi Salary Saver terms & conditions here 

What’s Thrift Day and why a Thrifty Lifestyle matters now more than ever

World Thrift Day is celebrated on the 31st of October and the whole month is commonly referred to as Thrift Month.

Being thrifty is all about saving money and, creating awareness about the importance of saving, is what Thrift Day is all about.

With the cost-of-living escalating, every little saving can help. And, that’s just the spirit we’re promoting this thrift month; a thrifty lifestyle! Savings are to be had everywhere if you look for opportunities and new ways of cutting down your expenses or getting the same or more for less.

Savings are important on both an individual and a national level. A nation of savers is a nation that is financially secure and able to withstand shocks well. This goes for individual savers too.

So, this Thrift Month, let’s all try to see how and where we can save money and be thrifty. And the best way to make your life effortlessly thrifty is to use FriMi’s various thrifty features!

FriMi’s Thrifty Tools

At FriMi, we make being thrifty effortless with our various savings tools. These are innovative, new and even fun ways to save. Take Savings Pots, for example. You can put away money into a savings pot so it doesn’t show in your main balance, meaning that you’re not tempted to spend it. It’s kept away for something else.

With Round-Up Savings, you’ll save every time you spend, by rounding up your payment to the nearest LKR 50, 100, or 500 and putting that away into your Round-Up Savings. And, before you know it, you’ll have a huge bit of savings kept ready for you in an emergency.

Another way to save with FriMi is Bucket List. Here, you’re putting money away towards some goal you want to achieve or thing you want to do in life. It could be education, travel, a big purchase, or anything. And you commit a certain amount each month. Before you know it, you can tick that item off your bucket list.

So, remember to use FriMi’s effortless thrifty tools to Save today for an Effortless tomorrow!