Join the FriMi Salary Saver

By FriMi October-5th-2022

What is the FriMi Salary Saver (FSS)?

  • With a FriMi Salary Saver, account customers can remit their salary to FriMi and enjoy many benefits 

Benefits of the products

  • Preferential benefits and tiered interest rates based on the remitted salary amount
  • Debit card – FriMi Debit Card with 1st-year fee waiver and no joining fees
  • Credit Card - American Express Gold Credit Card and Platinum MasterCard Credit Card with no joining fee and 1st-year annual fee waived 
  • Maximum limits for Personal Loans with preferential rates
  • Pre-approved leasing facilities with fee waivers

Eligibility Criteria

  • Sri Lankan nationals over 18 years of age holding a valid national identity card (NIC)
  • The applicant must be employed and earning a regular gross salary of LKR 20,000 or above
  • The applicant must be a contributor to the EPF fund and/or a qualified professional (CIMA, ACCA, ICA, IESL, Architect, Medical council Doctor, CIM, or any other recognized qualification) and/or a government servant with a pension and/or provident fund deductions. 

How to apply

  1. Go to the 'Help' section and then the 'Reach Us' section in FriMi app or go to the 'Live Chat' option in-app or on the website
  2. Send a message as "FriMi Salary Saver"
  3. Email your Salary Slip/Salary confirmation to with your FriMi ID

Fees/Charges/Commission/Interest charged from customers 

  • No maintenance fees 
  • Customers who do not remit the monthly salary as per the minimum salary requirement will be charged with a salary non-remittance charge on a monthly basis 

    Salary FSS: Rs.250/- per month for salary transfers below Rs.10,000/-

    Other information, terms conditions

    • No initial deposit is required (However the salary should be credited to the account within the next 30 days)
    • If the salary is not getting credited to the FSS account consecutively for 3 months the benefits of the FSS account will be excluded