FriMi & IMI Games Exclusive Gaming Tournament

By FriMi May-5th-2022

Terms & Conditions

1. To participate in the FriMi competition, the players must visit the Lifestyle section in the FriMi app & access iMi games.

2. In order to take part in the competition, FriMians must subscribe to iMi Games via the Lifestyle section in-app - Exclusive 25% discount on subscription.

3. The Competition rewards are only valid for the FriMi competition - Sakwala Sawariya Game

4. The Participants can play the Competition game multiple times to increase their individual score and the scores will be updated on a game scoreboard (“Game Leaderboard”) within the portal.

5. The competition is extended till the 15th of June 2022.

6. The top 03 winners on the leaderboard at the completion of the competition duration, will be rewarded with Hotel Vouchers or Dinner Vouchers.

7. All decisions related to winner selection by FriMi & iMi Games based on the scores recorded in the Game Leaderboard will be considered final.

Visit the FriMi Lifestyle section to take part in the competition

Click here to see a quick guide on how to access the FriMi Lifestyle section.