Make the most of it from the FriMi Lifestyle section

By FriMi February-11th-2022

The FriMi Lifestyle section in-app is a marketplace that allows users to meet their lifestyle needs from one place. Users can buy groceries, channel a doctor, buy an Insurance premium, apply for a Buy Now Pay Later scheme, subscribe for games, buy lottery tickets & many more via the FriMi app.

Accessing the Lifestyle section is simply effortless. Follow the below steps & make the most of it from the FriMi Lifestyle section!
Step 1 - Log in to the FriMi app
Step 2- Select the Lifestyle section on the home page (Next to the Topup section)
Step 3 - Click any merchant you need and pay effortlessly

#ProTip - As the payments done via the Lifestyle section have enabled the FriMi direct debit service, you won’t need to spend time entering your payment/card details as you can make the payment in just one tap.