*Terms & Conditions;

  1. The cashback offer is valid on the first Rs. 2,000 of your total bill, till 29th February 2020.
  2. If the bill value is over Rs. 2,000, the balance also needs to be paid through FriMi.
  3. Cashback applies only for the transactions made via the FriMi account through the FriMi app.
  4. The offer shall not be valid for transactions made via other bank account / credit cards added to FriMi app or FriMi physical debit card.
  5. The Offer shall be valid on E-Channeling web & mobile app ;
  6. FriMi Customers shall be required to settle the total bill using the FriMi Account, in order to be eligible for the Offer;
  7. The Offer shall not be valid for gift vouchers and/or tokens generated through FriMi;
  8. The general FriMi terms and conditions shall continue to apply;
  9. The Offer shall also be subject to other terms and conditions of FriMi and E-Channelling;