How we helped Adheesha to accept wedding gifts via Lanka QR for the first time in Sri Lanka

By FriMi November-30th--0001

27.01.2023 marked a very remarkable juncture in the history of digital payments in Sri Lanka where young fintech enthusiast Adheesha Dharmakeerthi took the pioneering initiative to change the tradition of wedding gifting where cash filled envelopes are typically given to newlyweds as gifts. Adheesha reached out to us with his unique idea of using Lanka QR, the national QR of Sri Lanka to accept wedding gifts on his big day on 27.01.2023 and it opened a new chapter in the digital payments history of Sri Lanka! We at FriMi are truly awed to be a part of this game changing "nation's first" initiative. 

We wish Sayari and Adheesha, Sri Lanka's first couple to accept gifts digitally, a very happy wedded life!