Stay Financially Literate with FriMi

By FriMi September-8th-2022

“Financial literacy is an important part of avoiding financial mistakes and planning for a strong, secure financial future.”
– Tim Pawlenty

Imagine you wanted to build a house. Even if you had bricks, sand, and cement in abundant supply, it’s unlikely that you’ll succeed if you don’t know anything about building!

It’s the same with building wealth and managing your finances. There’re a few things you should learn and know about.

With September being the month of World Literacy Day, which falls on the 8th of September 2022, we’d like to take the opportunity to encourage you to improve your financial literacy with the help of FriMi.

Learn how to budget - With FriMi Savings Pot you can categorize and plan for specific expenditures such as entertainment, groceries, bills, etc. and budget accordingly. You can open up to 5 Savings Pots for this purpose. Click here to see how you can open a Savings Pot.

Have an emergency fund - The only things we can guarantee about emergencies are, that they will happen, that they will usually happen without warning, and that they will cost money. You can open a FriMi Bucket List account to automatically put money away every month so that when an emergency does happen, money is one less thing to worry about. Click here to see how to open yours.

Plan how to settle debts - Making it a point to settle your debts is key to financial stability. You can go about it by first making a list and ranking the debts that you have on a monthly basis. Then with the help of FriMi you can pay any credit card bill from the Card Payments section, and Leasing & Finance payments via the Billers section effortlessly.