Saving Pots – Coming Soon!

By FriMi August-5th-2020

Imagine the difference it would make if only you could sort your income into different pots every month and have them all nice and cleanly sorted to make sure that you don’t go over budget or that you don’t spend cash unnecessarily and run out when it comes to the necessary – like say, your housing rent, credit card bills, insurance, education fees, seasonal shopping sprees, loved ones’ birthday bashes, monthly savings, rainy day savings and whatnot! A pot to make sure, that you wouldn’t be stuck when it matters the most. How cool is that?! We at FriMi thought that it was super cool and so we’re ecstatic to tell you about our very own Saving Pots!

Saving Pots are a way for you to plan ahead, to identify your financial priorities for the month, and be prepared so that you wouldn’t easily be caught off-guard. Now what you’ll have to do is to simply think of what your month ahead looks like, and create a Saving Pot for each requirement that you foresee. This way your income will then be cleanly sorted when it hits the account, making sure that you wouldn’t accidently use your cash up when surprises suddenly pop! It gets more eye catching with the FriMi Money Tracker that graphically categorizes and shows you exactly how you’ve earned and spent throughout the month; so that you can give yourself a pat on your back when it’s a job well done or a “next time, you’ll do better” until you get it right!

So yes, we do believe that this’ll be a fantastic way and your very own little baby step to help you manage your finances better; and like we said, we can’t wait for you to get your hands onto it!