Salary management with FriMi, effortless!

By FriMi April-27th-2021

Being able to manage your money is a skill that’ll help you to lead a happy and effortless lifestyle. 

The key is to plan and keep a track of all the income and expenditure. That is why many users prefer FriMi as it gives all the benefits of a digital bank, payments & financial tracking app all wrapped in one single lifestyle app.

Let's add FriMi as your Salary Account. 

Below are some interesting ways we’ve heard our loyal users manage their money.

1. Plan your expenses for next month by the 26th of previous month (or as soon as you get paid)

Everybody is excited about the salary week and for many, the salary arrives around the 25th of every month. One FriMian mentioned to us that she has categorized her monthly spend into Groceries, Beauty & Healthcare, Bill Payments and Entertainment. She then adds the allocations into Savings Pots and withdraw them when it’s the right time. Since, there is a few clicks to withdraw from the pot, it apparently helps her think twice before purchasing any product whether it’s worth it allowing her to save more.

2. Sending money via Cash Tokens

One FriMian who works in Colombo mentioned that he uses Cash Tokens to send money to his parents who are not so tech savvy & not using smartphones in Kandy. He simply enters the father’s phone number via FriMi cash tokens and the father visits the nearest Nations Trust Bank ATM to collect the cash. It has made his life much easier. 

3. Lifesaving “My Bills” section

Yes, those are the exact words expressed by one FriMian who has replaced the need of physical bills and different apps with FriMi. He gets to see the water bill & Telecom bill in the app itself and then settles them easily with a few clicks. Go to the My Bills section and check out the bill presentment feature if you haven’t already.

4. Automated savings with 'Bucketlist Savings'

Our FriMians love the fact that they don't have to keep reminding themselves to save every month because with FriMi Bucketlists you can save automatically save money monthly as a savings planner and build that effortless discipline to save towards your goals. FriMi Bucketlists also allows the users to set their other bank accounts as the source account apart from their FriMi main account which functions as an online standing order.

5. Only using CASHLESS payment methods

Many of our FriMians have understood that going cashless is the best way to go with the current pandemic situation. One FriMian mentioned that paying via QR has been the most convenient way of making merchant payments and he also carries a physical debit card, just in case LANKAQR is not accepted. Also, when paying online for things you can also link your pre-enabled virtual debit card and never worry about paying with cash.

6. Splitting the bill without fighting

A young professional who is also a FriMi fan mentioned that the bill split feature is his favorite, just because it has simply stopped all possible arguments amongst his friends after every time they hangout and are ready to settle the bill.

One feature which is really handy…

The famous Round-Up Savings

Well you don’t need any introduction to this, but we felt this should be mentioned. Saving a small amount every time you spend has been an instant hit among our loyal FriMians. You must give it a go if you haven’t already to see how awesome that feature is.


As you see, FriMi has made life effortless for many users to manage their salary from one app. Whether you’re paying bills, purchasing goods, transferring money or saving, FriMi is the only app you will need.

You too can share with us how you manage your money with FriMi to and your story might be featured in our blog too.