How smart do you think you’re managing your money?

By FriMi June-18th-2020

With all the crazy that 2020 did bring, two things it taught us was that some things just aren’t worth our time, and that with all the unexpected surprises taking place around us, we must be able to manage our financials more efficiently to get through both the good times and bad with the same positive stride.

Now you may wonder how that happens, so here’s how FriMi is going to help you in doing so;

01 – We’ve got an attractively and graphically categorized money tracker that tells you of your monthly financial adventures, to the cent, with just a glance.

02 - Help you sort your cash the moment your salary/income hits the bank account. This way, you get to distinguish between your must do’s, nice to have’s, surprises and rainy days and get it out of the way before it all begins to disappear when you need it the most!

03 - Your savings, now the biggest problem with savings is that it just doesn’t happen; but, what if you put it aside in such a way that the system really discourages you from touching it?

So that’s precisely why we believe that FriMi is a lifestyle app and truly a bank that is as smart as your phone which end of the day will let you make your money awesome!

P.S – Await for more exciting things we’ve planned for you.