FriMi Debit Card for an Effortless Lifestyle

By FriMi December-13th-2021

Making payments at your favourite store? Shopping online? All you need is a FriMi debit card.

FriMi offers a globally accepted secure and safe MasterCard debit card that you can use at any MasterCard accepted merchant worldwide. If you want to withdraw cash from your FriMi account, you can easily withdraw at any Mastercard-supported ATMs around Sri Lanka & overseas.

Why FriMi debit card is better than the others? What makes your FriMi physical Debit card unique?

1. Range of perks

Enjoy a range of exciting perks and benefits all year round exclusively with your FriMi physical debit card. The FriMi Mastercard Debit Card holders have been provided with more than LKR 50,000 worth of discounts at leading fast food outlets, transport services, eCommerce sites, and clothing outlets in 2021. 

Check out what we have in store for this Christmas Season with up to 20% discounts at all your favorite merchants along with a chance to win a free Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker. Stay tuned for more perks all year round in 2022.

2. Online purchases

You can purchase from both local and foreign e-commerce websites such as Daraz, Kapruka, Ali Express, and gaming sites such as Steam effortlessly.

3. Tracking transactions

Keep track of all your debit card transactions easily from the transaction history section in-app.

4. It’s cool

The fresh vertical-style debit card is unique and cool to carry around which will definitely suit your style. The debit card will also have your name embossed on the front of the card to give you a much more personalized feel.

Make your life effortless!

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