FriMi Amusings - May 2024 Batch

By FriMi May-10th-2024

Frimi Amusing May 2024

Your FriMi Just Got Even More Effortless!

Our all-new super-powered upgrade will transform you to a personal money master! ⚡️

Think budgeting that feels like a breeze, not a chore.

Think personalization that reads your mind (almost).

Think features so intuitive, you'll be a financial whizz in no time!

FriMi's Effortless Budgeting is Here!

Ever feel like your money just disappears into a black hole? Worry no more! 

Introducing the all-new effortless Budget feature, the ultimate weapon against mystery spending. This isn't your average budgeting tool – it's like having a tiny financial ninja living inside your phone.

Here's how it works:

  • Set limits like a boss: Feeling like you spend a little too much on bubble tea? (We get it, those pearls are addictive!) Set spending limits for different categories – food, shopping – you name it!
  • Track your spending like a detective: Where does all your money go? FriMi will show you exactly where every penny lands in your set categories. ️‍
  • Create new categories: FriMi lets you create your own categories, so your budgeting reflects your unique spending style
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FriMi: Your App, Your Way

Our new upgrade personalizes your money management, effortlessly.

Here's what it's about:

  • Speak your language: Sinhala, Tamil or English? FriMi has all three!
  • Customizable widgets: Now you can add, remove or even rearrange your widgets and customize your home screen.
  • Big or small, see it all: Adjust the font size for crystal clear viewing.
  • Light's out? No problem! Switch to dark mode for easy on-the-eyes banking.
  • Privacy pro: Your Money, your business. FriMi lets you hide your balance by simply tilting your phone towards you. 
  • Your name, your game: Now you can change your prefferd name and personalize the app.

Your effortless path to financial freedom starts here!

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