Customer service week challenge

By FriMi October-5th-2021


1. Mr. Warusapperuma Chandana Ranasinghe 

2. Mr. Isuru Udayanga Bandara

3. Mr. Kalana Rathnayake

4. Mr. Shenal Senarath

You can enjoy 50% CASHBACK on the first Rs. 1,000 till 24th October 2021 at any merchant biller of your choice!

* Winner will be inform via sms or notification on 15th October 2021


1. Cashback valid from 15th October to 24th October 2021.

2. Cashback valid on FriMi bill payments ( not valid for credit card payments ) & FriMi accept merchant 

3. This promotion is not valid for gift vouchers/tokens and any other offers in conjunction.

4. FriMi customers are required to settle the total bill using the FriMi account in order to be eligible for the offer.

5 The offer shall not be valid for transactions made via other bank account / credit cards added to FriMi app.

6. The offer is not valid for the transactions made via FriMi debit card (virtual / physical)

7. The cashback not valid on other bank LANKAQR payments

Here's the chance for you to win a 50% CASHBACK on the first Rs. 1,000 with FriMi. Complete the below tasks and stand a chance to win!

List of challenges

1. Tuesday 5th October 2021 - Pay Bills with FriMi
* Pay for bills or reloads worth Rs. 500 or more via the FriMi app through your FriMi account.

2.  Wednesday 6th October 2021 - Pay online with FriMi card
* Pay by FriMi virtual or physical Mastercard debit card at any online store/ service for orders worth Rs. 2,000 or more.

3. Thursday 7th October 2021 - Send money via FriMi
* Send Rs 1000 or more, via FriMi to your friends and family

4. Friday 8th October 2021 - JustPay top-up
* Add Rs. 5,000 or more to FriMi from your other linked bank accounts through the top-up option  

1. Promotion is valid for selected users that were informed via notification, SMS, or email.
2. Promotion valid between 5th to 8th October 2021.
3. A random winner will be selected every day (starting from 5th Oct), and final winners will be announced on 14th October 2021
4. The winners will be contacted by our representatives with regard to the reward.
5. Winners will get the exclusive cashback from 15th to 24th October 2021.