Celebrate Your Birthday Effortlessly

By FriMi June-11th-2022

How to make your birthday more effortless with FriMi


A year older is always a reason to celebrate being a year wiser - and a reason to do just about anything you want for a whole 24-hours!


We've got a few tips you could use to make your birthday more effortless with FriMi.

A donation on your birthday

Make your birthday count by being a part of a worthy cause and help make a difference. With FriMi you can donate to charity foundations such as, the Ceylon School for the Deaf & Blind, Little Hearts, Friends Lanka Child Foundation, SOS Children's Villages, Sri Lanka and Archbishop of Colombo. You can visit the Billers section and select "Charity & Donations" to donate directly to the foundation. You can invite your friends and family who are on FriMi as well to be part of the cause on your special day.

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Stuck at work on your birthday?

No matter if it's your birthday, work will always find its way to you. But if your friend can cover up for you to get the essentials to throw a party, then you have nothing to worry. In the case of financials, you can send money to the friend via FriMi through the "Send Money" option simply by using their mobile number. Yes, it's that effortless.

Also, remember having 'FriMi friend' in need is a good friend indeed ;)

Save up for your next birthday

It's no doubt that organizing a birthday party can be a bit costly and it's always a good idea to save up for it if you are planning to throw an awesome party next year. But saving an amount every month might be a nuisance given the fact that you forget about it. But don't worry, FriMi got your back! You can open up a Bucketlist savings account from the app and select the target amount you need to save up by your birthday next year. Once, you do that, you can set up the number of months and the monthly installments will be transferred every month to your Bucketlist account from your FriMi account or linked other bank account. Give it a try - you won't regret it.

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