Checkout Cardless Withdrawals today!

By FriMi May-13th-2020
Sometime back we were thinking of how to make things cooler with FriMi and had a definite eureka moment. This is what came out of it – a simple solution to withdraw money without having to pull your FriMi card outta your wallet. Say what?
Yes! FriMi has been having this "oh so 2020" feature which allows you to withdraw your FriMi money from any NTB ATM without a card and completely free!
All you’ve gotta do is to select the FriMi option on the ATM machine, enter your FriMi ID, enter the amount & accept the notification that you get on your app and off you go with cash at hand!
Now if that isn't "oh so 2020" we don't know what is. So go ahead & check it out, spread the word & be the banking fashionista that you are!