Beta Tesing Terms And Conditions

By FriMi October-18th-2023

FriMi Beta Tester Agreement and Terms & Conditions 


Welcome to the Beta Tester Agreement for the FriMi app ("App"). We're not just a bank; we're here to challenge the norms of banking and make lives effortless. By signing up for beta testing, you're becoming an essential part of our FriMian community, to make things even more effortless. Please read this Agreement carefully as it outlines the terms and conditions of joining the FriMi app Beta release. 


1. Consent: As a Beta Tester, you're a part of our journey to reshape the world of finance. To carry out this activity You must provide your consent to the use of your actual funds for testing the App's financial features. 


2. User Details: To embark on this activity, we need some information: your name, FriMi ID or FriMi registered mobile number, and device type that you’d wish to test the app. This helps us send the Beta test app links and to also keep you in the loop on activities related to the testing. 


3. Feedback and Reporting: Your valuable feedback is our guiding light. As a genuine and authentic member of our community, we rely on you to identify issues, suggest improvements, and share any anomalies or errors. You'll receive instructions on providing feedback once we send you the Beta links. 


4. Confidentiality: Your role as a Beta Tester comes with trust. We ask that you keep everything you learn about our App—features, design, functionality—strictly confidential. You're part of an exclusive circle. 


5. Data Privacy: We value your privacy. Your personal data will be collected and processed in line with our Privacy Policy. Your information is safe with us. 


6. Funds Usage: During the beta testing phase, your actual funds may be used for transactions within the Beta App. Please remember, these transactions are for testing purposes only. As an unpretentious and real member of our community, we trust you to understand the potential risks involved. 


7. Liability: While we're here to provide solutions, we can't assume liability for any financial losses incurred during beta testing. Your acceptance of this Agreement means you release FriMi from any claims related to such losses. 


8. Beta Testing Period: Your adventure begins when you join. The duration of this testing phase is flexible and is at the discretion of FriMi. Be ready for a dynamic journey. 


9. Termination: We have the right to make changes. FriMi reserves the right to terminate your participation in the beta testing program, with or without cause.  


10. Ownership: The App and all its intellectual property are our treasures. You don't acquire any ownership rights.  


11. Updates: As an active member, please ensure you install new versions of the App promptly. Stay in the loop and help us shape the future. 


12. Amendments: We're constantly evolving. FriMi reserves the right to make amendments, and you'll be the first to know about them. 

Note - Joining the Beta won't replace your current FriMi app. Therefore, your current app will remain available for use as usual