An Exclusive Offer – for a selected set of lucky FriMians - November 2020

By FriMi November-25th-2020

If you have arrived here after clicking on a promo notification in the app or an SMS, congratulations! It means you are eligible for this promotion. If not, don’t worry you will be eligible for more offers in the future. We have a lot in store for all you FriMians. 

Here’s the offer:
You can enjoy a 10% CASHBACK up to the first Rs. 2,000 you spend by swiping your FriMi physical Debit Card by the 30th November 2020. 

Terms & conditions

1) This promotion is available for selected FriMi customers from 25th November to 30th November 2020 (both days included).

2) The cashback offer is valid on the first Rs. 2,000 of your total spend with the FriMi ‘Physical’ Debit Card.

3) Cashback applies only to the transactions made through the FriMi Physical Debit Card.

4) All FriMi physical debit card transaction values, including local & international will be eligible for the promotions.

5) Debit card withdrawal values for both local & international will NOT be eligible for the promotion

6) This promotion cannot be combined with any other available offers.

7) You will receive the eligible cashback value by 4th December 2020 to your FriMi account. 

8) All eligible customers will have received the promo details via In App notification/Message before 27th November 2020.

Note – If you have not activated your FriMi physical card, simply drop us a buzz on 0114 374 374 and we will get it activated for you immediately.