A Modern Twist on the Age Old Traditions: Sri Lankan Wedding Gifting, Reimagined!

By FriMi October-16th-2023

At FriMi, we pride ourselves on redefining the boundaries of the financial experience and empowering individuals who think different. In a delightful twist that marries tradition with modern convenience, we've revolutionized the age-old Sri Lankan tradition of wedding gifting.

We're talking about the QR Gifting Experience. Sri Lankan weddings are famous for their big celebrations and, of course, guests gifting cold, hard cash in envelopes. When fintech enthusiast & fellow FriMian Adheesha Dharmakeerthi reached us with his wonderful idea of QR gifting at his wedding, we were thrilled!  We saw this as an opportunity to enhance this old tradition of wedding gifting and make it effortlessly delightful for all.

For the first time in Sri Lanka, we introduced a game-changer - QR codes that let guests use any of their LANKAQR payment enabled apps on their smartphones to gift the happy couple. Here's how it worked:

  1. Open your LANKAQR enabled payment app.
  2. Scan the unique QR code provided by the couple.
  3. Input your desired gift amount.
  4. Attach a personal message with your blessings.
  5. Tap to send the gift directly to the couple.

This innovation brought unprecedented benefits, including convenience, transparency, personalization, safety, and a reduced environmental footprint. The response has been heartwarming, and we're honored to be part of preserving tradition while embracing the future.

It was our pleasure helping Sayari and Adheesha, to give this transformative experience for the first time in a Sri Lankan wedding, on their big day -27.01.2023. Their wedding was a testament to how our technology can enhance the timeless tradition of giving blessings to the newlyweds. With QR codes in hand, guests personalized their gifts, added heartfelt messages, and watched as their love was delivered directly to the couple.

We wish Sayari and Adheesha, Sri Lanka's first couple to accept gifts digitally, a very happy wedded life!