7 Days of Christmas

By FriMi December-17th-2022

Celebrate an effortless 7 days of FriMi by completing 7 effortless challenges with FriMi & stand a chance to WIN a Rs. 10,000 CASHBACK at any merchant of your choice. See the below challenges starting from 18th December.

7 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 1 - 18th December - Add a minimum of Rs. 500 to your FriMi account using the 'Top Up' feature from your linked other bank accounts. If you haven't linked already,  Click here to see how to add your other bank account to FriMi.

Day 2- 19th December - Send a minimum of Rs. 500 to a FriMi friend via the “Send Money” option.

Day 3 - 20th December -  Make a QR payment of a minimum of Rs. 500 via FriMi at any merchant that accepts LANKAQR.

Day 4 - 21st December - Make a bill or reload of a minimum of Rs. 500 via FriMi through the 'Billers' section.

Day 5 - 22nd December - Make a payment of a minimum of Rs. 500 using the debit card (virtual/physical) at any physical or online merchant. ATM withdrawals via Debit card will not be considered. 

Day 6 - 23rd December - Open a savings pot or add money to an existing pot with a minimum of Rs. 500. 

Day 7 - 24th December - Do a fund transfer of a minimum of Rs. 500 to any bank or make a credit card payment.

Terms & Conditions:

1. This competition is organized by FriMi and is open to all FriMians.

2. In order to enter the competition, FriMians need to complete the 7 challenges mentioned above. In order to be eligible for the competition FriMians must complete a minimum of 5 challenges out of 7. 

Note - In the selection of the grand prize, priority will be given to FriMians who complete the 7 tasks on the respective assigned 7 days.

3. Challenges will be held from 18th to 24th December 2022. Each challenge will be informed to FriMians via social media and app notifications on the assigned days.

4. FriMians need to follow the dates assigned to do each challenge. Tasks completed on different days will not be considered. And multiple tasks completed on a single day will also not be considered.

5. 03 Lucky FriMians will stand a chance to win a Ra. 10,000 Grand Cashback at any FriMi merchant of their choice, along with daily other prizes for specific tasks. The winners will be selected on a random basis and will be announced after the promo period.

6. Winners will be announced and rewarded after the promo period.

Note - Daily prizes will be announced on each challenge post.

7. All decisions related to winner selection will be at the discretion of FriMi.