Win a bill waiver of Rs. 2,500 | Debit Card Promo

By FriMi November-17th-2021
Here's your chance to win a bill waiver of Rs. 2,500 when you pay via your FriMi physical Mastercard Debit Card at any supermarket or fuel station.

1) This competition is organized by FriMi & is open for all FriMi users.
2) To be eligible for the competition, the user must pay Rs. 2,500 or more via the FriMi physical debit card at any supermarket or fuel station from 19th to 30th November.
3) Promotion is not valid for online debit card transactions or FriMi virtual debit card transactions.
4) 01 lucky winner will be selected daily till 30th November.
5) The bill waiver amount of Rs. 2,500 will be refunded within 5 days from the date of announcing winners.
6) All decisions related to winner selection will be at the discretion of FriMi.

Apply for a FriMi Debit Card today with the message "I want FriMi Card" through the "Reach Us" section in-app via: Reach Us